Mads Norgaard-Copenhagen, a Danish brand, deeply in love with fashion and with the changing of the times. Making boys and girls more sexy and though – always from a modernistic point of view.

Ultimately, fashion is meant to free you not overrule or control you. What you wear should support you in your ways and beliefs. This is how I see it.  – Mads Nørgaard


What we love about Mads Norgaard are their oversized blouses, they are comfy yet sophisticated. Check more from their collection here  MADS NØRGAARD

Soft Printed boutique Saxa C cut Shirt Navy/White. Oversized Saxa shirt is a complete Mads Norgaard classic.
Danzetta Dress
Stelly Skirt, I love the A-shape style skirt – it remains the same every season.




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