Wood Wood – An Androgynous Style

Be inspired by THE LOW END, one of Wood Wood new collections. We are fascinated by its androgynous looks. A Must Have Loves it! Do we need to say more?

See more here Wood Wood


She is wearing Alice shirt, pinstriped Jojo dress, pin- striped Leonore trousers and Jil shoes.
She is wearing Alyssa puffer jacket, Jamie jacket, Erika long sleeve, checkered Liva trousers, Libra sunglasses and Asics x Wood Wood sneakers.
She is wearing checkered Caitlin knit sweater, cropped Ginny track jacket, Althea trousers, Cora teddy beanie, Rena shoulder bag and Jil shoes.
She is wearing Alyssa puffer jacket, Champion x Wood Wood hoodie, Anni dress, Liva trousers, Libra sunglasses and Jil shoes.
She is wearing Gabriella bomber jacket, Inger teddy hoodie, Rosalyn turtleneck, Sabrina trousers, Cora teddy beanie and Jil shoes.

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