Kimonos by Beck Söndergaard

Becksöndergaard Copenhagenf is an innovative brand on the Scandinavian fashion scene and today shows four yearly collections of accessories offering scarves, knit, bags, purses, belts, and jewellery.

The designs are unmistakably Scandinavian with a personal, quirky touch which is seen in colour choices, details and the hand-drawn, almost art like prints on the scarves that have become the signature of the brand.

All Becksöndergaard pieces are designed with the brand´s DNARebellious Love” in mind.

See more here Becksöndergaard 

Check out AMH our favorite key piece from Becksöndergaard SS17 collection: KIMONOS

Becksöndergaard Copenhagen

Becksöndergaard Copenhagen

Becksöndergaard Copenhagen

Becksöndergaard Copenhagen



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