School of London

“There’s nothing like people-watching in London. Just normal, everyday people; they always have such style. You see kids wearing a whole patchwork of different school uniforms in the UK, and it’s fun to note all the ways they customise their look, whether wrapping a sweater around their shoulders, scribbling the name of a band on their bag, or varying their hemlines. I wanted to capture some of that ease in the new collection, that insouciance of young Londoners going about their day-to-day lives.”
– Ditte Reffstrup, Ganni´s Creative Director.
AMH loves its key looks featuring classic school uniform colors – yellow, blue, black – fill the collection. It’s a mix of casual and decorative, perfect for dressed-down days or layered-up for the night.
Enjoy my picks from GANNI´s latest collection!
“School of London” by GANNI
“School of London” by GANNI
“School of London” by GANNI
“School of London” by GANNI
“School of London” by GANNI
“School of London” by GANNI
“School of London” by GANNI

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