A Subtle Masculine Feel?

Has the Scandi style a subtle masculine feel? I heard that this morning and it puzzled me because there´s always a wrong idea that feminine means having to enhance our silhouette showing more than necessary. Are we less feminine for not showing too much skin? That´s ridiculous.

Personally, I like to wear an outfit that makes me feel comfortable and cool at the same time. It´s been a long time since I abandoned the size 38 dictatorship some brands insist to set upon us, telling us with those super tight trousers how thin are we expected to be.

The Scandi Style is minimal, yes! but minimal is not necessarily masculine. I don´t want to be a man, I want to be a woman who wears clothes that make me feel confident, like caftans and easy-to-wear dresses, modern and utilitarian pieces like a timeless trench.

When I find brands strongly inspired by social movements, human rights, music, film, art, and literature – that makes me feel even more passionate about the idea to live by my own rules while wearing something that supports me in my beliefs.

Wear what you like, is not my point to convince you of the opposite. I share everything one needs to know about the Scandi style which is the one I like the most. I´m glad if you like to know more about it. Stay tuned and don´t miss my daily posts on Instagram.

Now enjoy AMH picks of the week!



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