5 Stores You Must Know in Barcelona

AMH have selected a bunch of nice stores where one can find the perfect outfit and a nice gadget too.

These stores don´t sell just clothes, they offer much more.

1. Be The Store, is a place where one can find things to feel, dance, dress, laugh …
From books to gadgets, clothes and accessories.

See more here BeTheStore

2. Ivori, is a store where one can find that minimalist style we are looking for. With its own collection, and a range of local designers brands, all made in Barcelona, Ivori is A MUST!

See more here Ivori Made in Barcelona

3. HAPP Barcelona, is a concept store where one can find curated brands and upcoming designers. We love the space and the selection of items and the excellent service.

See more here HAPP

4. La Comercial, located in El Born, is a special place to enjoy and experience fashion, where the finest items can be discovered with the upmost attention to detail.

See more here La Comercial

5. Colmillo de Morsa, is a fashion brand born in Barcelona, they pay attention to every detail, having a clear Nordic inspiration, is not just a brand, it is a philosophy.

See more here Colmillo de Morsa

Ivori Barcelona
Ivori Barcelona
La Comercial
Colmillo de Morsa

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